Tips for Making an Effective Presentation

PowerPoint presentations are getting more and more popular with the passage of time and often, success or failure is highly dependent on the effectiveness of PowerPoint presentation. Good presentations can make you a successful person while poor and ineffective presentations can ruin your career. Therefore you need to focus on the quality and effectiveness of your presentations. Reading articles and stuff related to making better presentations can help a lot in enhancing the positive effect of your presentations. Following are few tips that will surely help you in becoming a better presenter.

• Always check the spellings and grammar before delivering the presentation. Grammatical errors and spelling mistakes will significantly reduce your credibility as a presenter and audience will have the feeling that you are careless and not properly prepared.

• It’s always better to present in front of your family members or friends before actually delivering the presentation. The feedback of your friends or family members will help a lot to rectify any shortcomings and it will boost your confidence in front of actual audience.

• Try to be well prepared and conduct sufficient research so that you can answer any questions from the audience. Remember, there may be the people who are just questioning to create some fun, confusion and to make you feel embarrassed. The best tool to handle such people is well preparedness.

• Length of the presentation is also very important and it must be adjusted as per time allocated. Too lengthy presentation can make the audience bore and it may result in stopping your presentation before it is actually finished thus preventing you from highlighting few important points.

• It’s very important to know about your audience before even making the presentation because you need to keep the tone and pitch exactly in accordance with the type of audience. If possible, try to discuss the behaviour of your audience with the person who has already presented in front of similar audience. The more you know about your audience, better and effective your presentation will be.

• Rehearse your presentation at least six times so that you can remain fluent throughout the actual presentation and concentrate fully on the audience instead of recalling what you have researched or learned while making the presentation.

• Sequence of slides in your presentation is also very important and you need to think from your audience’s point of view and try to arrange the slides in such an order that can keep the attention of your audience from start till end.

• It’s better to switch off your cell phone before presenting because it can break your flow and distract your audience. Also, you can request your audience as well to do the same but at least you should switch off your own cell phone.

• Last but not least, always dress up properly while presenting. Your personality and dressing has significant impact on the audience, therefore, try to dress up properly and decently to further enhance the effectiveness of your presentation.

Let me assure you that if you’ll follow the above mentioned tips, the effectiveness of your presentation will surely be increased and you are more likely to achieve your objective.

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