Stuck As to What Present to Get a Man? Get Him a Watch!

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If you are looking for the perfect gift for the man in your life, the Baume Mercier Riviera Chronograph would be it. This is a timepiece that offers functionality and great looks in one package, so you don’t need to worry about finding out what your boyfriend or husband will think about it. For the people who love gadgets, this watch as more than one could ever need, and it would make most people very happy. It also has great functionality and looks good, so it would suit those who aren’t all that into gadgets.

The Baume Mercier Riviera Chronograph is therefore the perfect gift: it easily impresses many and can take the hassle out of trying to gauge what present one should get. However, an inherent problem with watches such as these is the fact that there are many counterfeits out there. Most of them are so well done that you can’t tell them apart from the original unless you take them to an expert for analysis. For that reason, when you want to buy the Baume Mercier Riviera Chronograph, you need to exercise caution so that you don’t end up buying a product that doesn’t work at all.

The first thing that you can do to ensure that you don’t get a fake Baume Mercier Riviera Chronograph is by making sure you only buy it from a shop that has a good reputation. This is especially so when you are looking to buy the watch online. You need to only do business with companies or stores that have a good reputation with other customers. This means that before you can buy the watch, you should try and find out the experiences of other people who bought from the same store. This can be done by reading reviews about the store.

Another way that you can gauge such is by joining forums that deal with watches. There are many forums that are involved with bringing watch enthusiasts together, and joining one of them could do you a lot of good in trying to find the best shop to buy from. This is because the people in such shops will be able to give you advice as to which shops to buy from and which ones to avoid, as they usually have had a lot of experience with this kind of thing. By asking them to give you advice on these forums, you can also use this experience to your advantage.

At the end of the day, getting a present such as the Baume Mercier Riviera Chronograph is the way to go if you really need to impress someone. The best way to get a bargain on such a watch is by buying it online, but you need to exercise a degree of caution when doing so. Simply buying from the first store you come across could result in massive loss, as there are many people who claim to sell such watches but instead sell fakes. By following the above, you can get a great gift without too much hassle or expense.

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Top Three Mistakes When Presenting A Trade Show Exhibit

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Considering all of the articles and write-ups for what to do regarding a company’s marketing strategy for a trade show booth, there is also a long list of what not to do when presenting at an exhibition. As marketing dollars and budgeting are both important pieces to consider, it is often best to take advice from those with experience. Why lose money and waste valuable time when these tips can prevent both of these circumstances from happening?

Be Smart In Attending Only The Right Events

There are so many industry events that offer a multitude of different experiences for the potential buyer. There are also a large number of locations and audiences to consider, each of which will differ from exhibition to exhibition. First, never attend a ‘first time’ event. Only attend exhibits that have been around for a few years, drawing a specific crowd, in a specific area. After a few years, the organizers will have also learned how to market the exhibition properly, giving a company more potential buyers that fit what the event is featuring exactly.

Often, first-time events may be slightly disorganized, and are rarely marketed to a specific and targeted client base. As no one will have attended it before, a company will lose out on all the return-customers that a seasoned exhibition would draw.

Only Target Potential Clients That Are Qualified

At most trade show exhibits there will be hundreds and maybe even thousands of visitors. The key is to seek out potential clients that match the company’s marketing agenda. Give all employees that are working at the trade show display a list of questions to ask participants who are interested in the company’s service or product. This will allow employees to filter out those prospects that may be ‘just browsing’ or are in no position to make a purchase from the company.

It is important to spend each moment at the event in the most productive way possible. This offers up the chance of a larger return on investment; that being the trade show display and opportunity costs. This does not mean one should ignore attendees that are ‘just browsing’ because they may recommend a company brand and ideas to someone else. But for means of sales, honing in on qualified prospects is key.

Don’t Over-Complicate Your Trade Show Booth

With so many amazing options available, it is difficult to say no to an overload of graphics, lighting and interactive features. All of these items are important in drawing in a crowd, although it is also important to keep the display streamlined. While it may be tempting to add as much marketing glitz as possible, a better strategy to keep it simple. Offer a consistent message via the marketing materials present, the employees working at the event, and the trade show display itself. A clear message is simpler for passersby to understand. For an individual to make a purchase, they first must understand the concept, then the product or service.

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How to Deal With Financial Uncertainty in the Present World

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The premise of the article is to explore the proposition for spreading your business or asset protection between many jurisdictions, meaning that you setup a structure that utilizes a number of jurisdictions. This requires the right capabilities from services and infrastructure located in different jurisdictions so that in the event one area has a problem it doesn’t stop everything.

It is clear that there are fundamental changes underway worldwide. Martin Wolf of the FT spoke of a “shift from west to east”. The implications of the debt of large western countries are in play. Dissatisfaction with austerity is going to have to be dealt with in Spain, Ireland, Belgium, Italy and Ireland. There is likely going to be the usual reaction against immigration mainly due to the lack of resources. Other western countries are tightening their tax laws and regulations in the search for revenue. A number of them are focusing on Switzerland and Swiss banking. Solvency II in Europe will impact insurers and the EU insurance market. FATCA in USA and information exchange in UK and Germany are further examples.

The wealthy investor has to consider that countries like the UK and USA, that are safe havens, are going to go through significant change in the next few years. The changes in policies and laws may well continue to evolve. The question therefore becomes how does one position oneself given the new emerging landscape. It is well documented that Asia though full of opportunity does not yet have that political stability. The UK, Canada and USA are still marketing economic investor migration programs to the wealthy in Asia essentially offering them that stability and peace of mind.

Smaller countries, with smaller populations or certain national features may well be destined for hard times but probably will not be subject to major turmoil. As austerity beckons, populations in some small countries never became dependent or used to the existence of a generous welfare state. The welfare state does not exist in these small countries to the extent it does in the larger countries. Austerity will therefore produce a different result and have a different impact on political stability in these countries. Having the right banking facilities and capabilities in one or two small countries may therefore be a good idea as part of a plan for a business and investment structure that is internationally diversified.

In response to the present and likely coming uncertainty in financial markets a lot of investors are buying gold and oil and real estate. It is said by some that more gold has been bought than is actually in existence. The US dollar is going to fluctuate. So is the euro. Situations may change in different countries at different times. One would not necessarily have flown in to London to do business this week if one had a choice. There seems to be an emerging rationale for being able to do business or operate an international structure from a number of different potentially quiet activity neutral spots. It may well be preferable to hold hard currency in those locations to facilitate the ongoing needs of the investor and his business.

First of all we are looking for politically stable jurisdictions. Common or civil law and recognition of the asset protection and legal features of the structure in that jurisdiction are necessary. The fundamental nature of the vehicle must be valid in that jurisdiction also. Tax neutral is a real requirement. The necessary communications infrastructure and links or proximity to the main markets must be present. It is a bonus if the quality of life in the jurisdiction is ideal.

Assuming all of these requirements are met, the right relationships and service and legal infrastructure need to be put in place. For example your trustees of one trust may be resident in two or three jurisdictions instead of one. With banking relationships in both and with the trust drafted the right way business can be done in more than one jurisdiction.

The jurisdictionally diversified structure needs to be able to be accessed from different jurisdictions while keeping the legal and commercial frame work of the structure valid and in place in the jurisdiction of residence of the investor. At the outset, planning may need to consider the implications of trustees or partners or board members in a mix of tax neutral and non-tax neutral jurisdictions.

• A UK trust with trustees in UK, Barbados and Seychelles. The residence of the trust may remain in the UK but the trust can be operated from Seychelles. The right banking relationships need to be in place in each jurisdiction. This may mean partitioning assets and placing them, especially where it is hard currency in that particular jurisdiction. So while playing a part in an ongoing international structure the “office” in each jurisdiction must be a standalone access point for a proportion of assets and capital.

• A trustee in Seychelles or Panama may need to operate a merchant account in London remotely or liaise with a reinsurer in Bermuda. That trustee will have access to funds banked in that jurisdiction.

• A Canadian LLP may have a corporate partner in the UK and one in Hong Kong but there may also be one in Panama. The shareholding agreement would give the Panamanian corporate partner access to funds or assets banked in Panama. Maybe certain powers also provide to that corporate partner the ability to buy or sell specific things.

• A small international IT company and its trademarks and IP registered in Barbados. Services provided into Canada and EU and use made of double tax treaty networks. Board meetings held in Barbados and customers billed from there. The holding company is in United States. The principal can operate his business from this jurisdiction.

These operational capabilities need a fair amount of forward thinking. IT capabilities also need to be in place upfront to ensure remote access on demand to as much services and information as possible. Where special financial services such as, reinsurance, merchant account or legal services, notarization, escrow may be needed this has to be factored into the forward planning. If legalization of documents is required that jurisdiction must have the necessary diplomatic relations and embassies and probably be a member of the Hague convention. Consideration has to be given to who the service providers are who their custodians are and what access will be had. If hard currency or actual gold metal is to be stored then secure deposit boxes may be needed. Many people are storing gold in Canada. It will not be problematic to keep hard currency in small jurisdictions.

Travel to the jurisdiction may need to be given consideration. Flights in and out of some jurisdictions may be challenging. Tax neutral jurisdictions like Belize and Panama, are land locked with North America. Theoretically one can drive from Canada down to Belize or Panama if necessary.

If time and effort is spent putting the right technical, legal and service infrastructure and relationships in place, robust international diversification can be achieved and made to be available if and when needed. This capability is readily available and should be explored. Financial institutions in Panama, Belize and Barbados for instance include major Canadian banks. These institutions have access to international markets and can provide a sophisticated array of services to their clients in these small quiet jurisdictions. Maximum use through forward planning should be taken of these banking and service centers that are going to be relatively off the beaten track while the coming uncertainty works itself out.

Permanent residence in these jurisdictions is going to become increasingly valuable and sought after. Belize has a qualified retirement persons program. Permanent residence is available once conditions are met. Panama will grant permanent residence to a small investor investing between US$160-300K and employing five persons. Barbados will grant permanent residence to financial independent investors employing a number of people. Establishing a portion of operations and infrastructure in these jurisdictions can therefore provide an option for basing money as well as the person and family and somewhere to keep business going temporarily but for longer than a tourist visa or work permit may allow.

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How the Fear of Success and Fear of Failure Present Themselves

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People talk about two contradictory impediments to being successful in life. One is the fear of failure and the other is the fear of success. Whichever presents itself in your life can sabotage your efforts to succeeding in your dream, or if you have moved to action, your goals. Let’s look at each one individually and note their similarities, even though they appear to be direct opposites of each other.

The Fear of Failure

Many people who constantly strived for success, no matter how much they have achieved in their lives often have a fear of failure running continually beneath everything they do. They make their decisions based upon what they don’t want to happen rather than what they do want to happen. As successful as they may seem to the outside world, especially if people gauge their success based upon financial gain, there is a feeling of discontent and anxiety that all their success will dissolve unexpectedly. These people are not truly happy. They take no joy in what they are doing or in what they have accomplished. They continue to look beyond each achievement hoping to find the one thing that will have them feeling safe and secure.

The fear of failure can present itself in one particular area. For instance, this fear is often seen in the area of what would appear to be success by those who are viewing the person’s life. Actors, business people, authors, musicians or any public figure can fit into this category. People see the outward trappings but have no idea what is going on internally with the public figure. When someone is constantly looking over their shoulder, continually scared that fear is right behind, s/he will be unable to experience the joy and satisfaction in accomplishments. The fear of failure prevents focusing on success and moving in that direction. Judgment can be skewed leading to bad decisions made impulsively.

The Fear of Success

It seems paradoxical that someone would actually be afraid of succeeding until you realize it is not success they are afraid of, but what might happen due to success. For instance, if your family and friends do not have an abundance of money, and your goal is to be wealthy, you may fear one of these results of achieving your goals and dreams:

People will be coming to you continually for money
They will think less of you because you have wealth
Your friends will have nothing to do with you
People will think you’re different than you were when you had less money
You will feel isolated and alone.
What is Your Fear?

For you, what is crucial is to identify what fear you may have and how it manifests for you. Research how to overcome each of your fears. The answer is out there. There is a wealth of information in programs, articles, books and workshops. You might need a therapist or personal coach to assist you in breaking free of the narrow vision that occurs when in the state of fear.

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Gold and Silver: Money of the Past, Present and Future

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Gold and Silver has served as money around the world, for over 5000 years. From the time of the Greek Empire, to the system of the International Gold Standard of the 1800s, It has served well as a store of value of choice across the vast generations of Man. The twentieth century however, saw the introduction of a paper derivative of gold, called paper money. It was initially pegged to a tangible asset which was Gold. Yet, when the peg was removed in 1971 by President Nixon, all paper currencies automatically became ‘Fiat’, its value only dictated by government decree with no backing from any tangible object. Now, with the discipline enforced by a tangible asset gone, Governments and Financial Institutions around the world have played games with the monetary system. This has brought the global financial system onto the precipice of doom, as the problems with the fiat monetary system began to show, and Gold and Silver will eventually prevail.

The Greek Empire

Now the above scenario might sound intimidating, but monetary history tells us that such a situation has happened for countless times in human history. To understand why Gold and Silver will eventually do an accounting of all the financial misdeeds by states and institutions on the financial system, we can start by going far back into the past. About 4500 years ago, Gold and Silver was already the most used currency around the world. But it was the Greeks who first introduced coinage of Gold and Silver. Now it was this measure that was one of the factors that started off the Greek Empire. With the stability provided by sound money of Gold and Silver, the Greeks began to engage in creating the world’s first known democracy. A free market was established and the stability allowed for long term planning and enable the building of one of the Greeks most beautiful works of architecture, The Parthenon.

The Greek empire however did not last long. As their empire grew bigger, the Greek state became more greedy and started to become involved in wars. All forms of wars are expensive, and the same thing applies 4500 years ago. The costs of war on the Greeks was higher than anticipated and eventually, this bankrupted the Greeks. To solve this, the Greeks began devaluing their own Gold and Silver coins by adding lesser metals like copper into the mix. This reduced the value of the new coins as compared to the old gold and silver coins due to the differences in its purity. This resulted in a drop of confidence in the monetary system of the Greeks. Eventually the empire declined, never to shine again. Hence Gold and Silver reign supreme in the past.

The French Livre

Another example takes us closer to contemporary times is the case of France in the 1700s and the peculiar case of a brilliant but flawed Scotsman, John Law. Upon the death of King Louis XIV, France was in debt to the count of 3 trillion Livres due to the extravagances and corruption of the monarchy as well as the aristocracy. With the Prince Regent, the Duke de’ Orleans looking for a solution, in came John Law with a proposal of introducing paper money into the system. The Duke, desperate for a solution to solve the debt problems of France, agreed to the idea, as it presents a way out for settling France’s debt. And so the Banque de Royale run by John Law was set up, with the institution being given the sole right to issue this currency. This new issue is also pegged to a weight of Gold and Silver coin, where Law himself claimed it to be criminal, if a banker prints more notes than the amount of Gold and Silver coin held by the bank.

This became an overnight success. France’s financial woes seem to have ended and this ushered a new period of prosperity in France. The Duke and John however made one key mistake in all this however. Blinded by the new prosperity that the country was now experiencing, they began to print more money, with the Duke thinking that the more paper there is in circulation, the better. However this sparked a crisis of confidence and suspicion, that it took one Prince de Conti exchanging Livres for Gold and Silver coin to begin the breakdown of confidence in the currency being issued by Law. Soon, every Frenchmen began demanding Gold and Silver in exchange for their Livres, that once Gold and Silver ran out, copper was issued. Here we see again how Gold and Silver becomes the only assured store of value in the past.

The US Empire and the World Economy?

Let us now jump forward to the present. Since World War 2, the US has been the standard bearer of the financial world, with the US Dollar being the World Reserve currency. However, with the US fighting four wars since then (Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan) and a $13 Trillion debt on the books of the country, we are facing eerily similar circumstances to the Greek Empire, and the French experience with John Law. I have no doubt that Gold and Silver will reclaim its traditional role as money, but whether it will be a peaceful transition to Gold and Silver from currencies remains to be seen. One thing remains clear, human history has shown that eventually, Gold and Silver will always serve and reclaim its role as money and currency of the world.

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How to Make a Canned Presentation Work in Real Estate Investing

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A canned presentation in real estate investing is a pre-scripted form that is used to question buyers or sellers. Many investors and members of the public do not like the idea of reading a script when talking to another person because they believe the person reading the script loses credibility.

This script reading is called a canned presentation. It is called this because the scripted words, questions and answers can be reproduced like canning peaches in jars – same thing over and over again. Canned presentations are used by telemarketers and when someone is making a bad presentation, you can tell almost immediately. However, when a person is making a canned presentation that is a pro at it, it can be impossible to determine that’s what it is.

The reason canned presentations or scripts are used is because they work very well. They keep the presenter on track to ask the “opposing” party the proper questions at exactly the right time in the presentation. No questions are omitted and every possible objection from a prospect can be covered before the objections are heard.

Common scripts for real estate investors include:

  1. Selling a property where the information about the property is listed– the questions to ask the prospective buyer are about how he will pay or finance the property and his general contact information to name a few things.
  2. Qualifying a caller who wants to sell his home and is calling in response to advertising from the investor–in this case the most critical question is why he’s selling and general information about the property, the seller’s need to get out of the property and a sales pitch why the seller should talk to the investor.
  3. Landlords have to pre-screen prospective renters on the telephone to not waste the landlord’s or property manager’s time showing a rental unit and then finding out the renter doesn’t qualify. This is also the time to discuss the amount of security deposit, rental amount and whether a first and last month’s rent are due at the lease signing.

The most efficient way to develop a script is to roll-play what a caller will say when he calls or a prospect will say when you call him. Think of all the objections possible and, if appropriate, what information you may have to have available to present to a prospect. Formulate these objections and answers into sentences that sound as natural as possible – just like you were having a conversation with someone. Finally, write them into a scripted format and copy them into a printed format to use with your prospects. Keep a pile of these papers handy so you have them available when you need them.

The key to successfully using scripted or canned presentations is to practice, practice and practice some more before you start talking to people. The more practice the better but to make the script sound natural, you must practice with real people on the other end of the telephone. If you don’t have enough people calling you, call listings for sale in the newspaper or properties listed on the multiple listing. In this case, practice will make you more and more money.

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Tips For Topnotch Presentations – Claiming the Room With Style

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  Many of us find public speaking an uncomfortable adventure we’d just as soon avoid. The flip side of this is that we admire powerful speakers. Do you wish you could speak like that? Well, you can! In the first article of this series, I listed five ways to prepare yourself to be poised and confident in front of a group. In this second article there are more tips for showing your skills to their best advantage. These tips will help you manage physical aspects of your talk, from the set-up of the room to the way you gestures and movement. When you maintain that confident control, your audience will hang on your every word.  The first three tips are about controlling the environment for your talk.

Tip 1: Know what equipment you need and what is available. As the speaker, it is up to you to determine what you need to give the best talk possible and to make sure you have it, or to adjust your plans. To know whether your preferred projection method is available, ask ahead of time what equipment is on site. If necessary, make arrangements to bring in anything additional you need. Once you are at your venue, make sure you know how to use the projection equipment, or that the projectionist knows what cues you will use to request slide changes.

Tip 2. Make sure your audiovisuals are compatible with the system. If you are using computer files, make sure you have a file type compatible with the system — and check ahead of time to make sure it projects well. In addition to making sure your audiovisuals will work, take these additional steps that many speakers forget or don’t think of.

Tip 3 . Set up the room for the type of interaction you plan. Make sure there are seats with a writing surface is you expect your listeners to take notes, make sure you have a pointer and writing implements. If you plan for group discussion, have a way for people to interact face to face. Make sure you know how to dim and turn up the lights. It is also important to make sure you have room to move as you wish during your talk — this means taking the time to move furniture and other obstacles out of your way, including tables and chairs that obstruct your movement. If you have a choice — and you usually do — don’t hide behind a podium. You will be more accessible and visible to your audience if you speak to them without that barrier. Now that room is ready to set you up for success, two more ways to use that space to your advantage:

Tip 4. Use purposeful gestures. A noticeably fidgety speaker transmits nervous energy to the audience and those jitters can be contagious. However, when you stand confidently and to use your hands for strong emphasis when necessary you portray confidence and power. When you use gestures deliberately for emphasis, you not only draw attention to your point, you will not be able to fidget at the same time.

Tip 5. Use movement purposefully. A speaker who uses space in a confident way commands respect and attention. This is one reason you must set up the environment to be conducive to movement. Allow yourself to walk naturally up to the screen to emphasize a point, or toward your audience to ask a question. When you face the audience and hold your body in an open relaxed position it shows confidence and poise. This will also allow you to feel more relaxed and will draw the attention of your audience. 

Using these tips will help you manage the room to deliver a talk with confidence and your own personal flair. In the next articles of this series, I’ll cover tips for getting the most out of your voice, and for the development of visual aids that can enhance your message and add another dimension to your presentations.  

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Give Yourself a Christmas Present – Turn Off the Debt Collectors

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As I’ve pointed out elsewhere, people plunge themselves into debt every year around Christmas. This year, why not give yourself and your family a better Christmas present? Turn off the debt collectors and give everybody a little more peace of mind. Then you can give your family a little more of what they really want the most: a happier you.

Step Away from the Credit Cards – Nobody Gets Hurt!

I have always been skeptical of our country’s growing obsession with Christmas and the frenzy of consumer spending that occurs from late October through the beginning of the new year. An economy that relies on people buying what they don’t need with money they don’t have has trouble on its hands over the long run. The people who spend money they don’t have on things they don’t need, however, have trouble much more immediately in their future. “Step away from that credit card! And no one gets hurt!”

Why Worry about Money this Time of Year?

If you are having trouble paying your bills, it’s tempting…no, it’s always tempting anyway, but specially if you’re having trouble paying your bills, to buy that little something for your children. What’s one more thing? You may wonder. Why scrimp and worry about money at this time of year?

Instead of thinking that way, try to consider that every time you buy something you can’t make the payments on you’re inviting some of the nastiest, most brutal people in the world straight into your home and into your children’s lives. You’re bringing home the debt collectors. Trust me, you don’t want these people around your children! And you don’t want them around you. And so you make wise choices about money now so that everybody doesn’t suffer in January and beyond.

Kick the Debt Collectors out of Your Life Now

If you already have debt collectors ringing your phone, you can make them stop. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act gives you the right to make them stop calling. If you or someone you love is being sued, there are resources you can use to defend yourself. Just because it’s the season of giving doesn’t mean you should give away your future.

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4 Cool Gadgets to Use As Holiday Presents

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The holiday season is the season of giving and it is one of the main reasons why a lot of people get excited to celebrate it. Children and adults alike are always eager to know what present they will receive during Christmas. Like receiving awesome gifts, giving out presents for a special person is also a very good feeling. A special person like a best friend, a partner, or a family member definitely deserves a special present as well. One of the best gift ideas these days are high-tech gadgets. Modern technology is something that almost all people crave for and there are a lot of good reasons why. Gadgets can help make our work easier, can give us a good time, and they provide a whole lot of other benefits. So if you are still undecided which gifts to buy for someone special, consider giving him or her a cool gadget this holiday. Keep in mind these 4 awesome gadgets:

1. Portable Hard Disk Drive (Portable HDD) – This is a gift idea which is perfect for someone who has a lot of files to keep. Whether those are files for work or for entertainment, having this great gadget is sure to be very helpful. One big advantage it has from non-portable or internal HDDs is that you can bring it with you anytime. You can plug it in almost all computers which have a USB port. It is also is smaller in size than the regular disks and can have bigger storage capacity as well (up to 2TB).

2. Digital Surround Speakers – Your special someone who loves music will definitely love you more for this gift. They are also ideal for those who are fond of watching movies at home whether alone or with a group of friends or family members. They can be placed in bedrooms or have them connected with your TV set right in your living room. Music and movies would definitely be more special with them. You can even turn your room into an instant party place with this gadget.

3. Digital Camera – With so many wonderful views you can find anywhere you are in the world, you cannot miss taking a photo of them. A handy digital camera would be great for those who love to travel a lot. It is also an amazing gadget that can help you keep special memories for a long time. Capture fun moments with your buddies as well as special occasions such as birthdays and weddings with one click of the camera. You can also easily share the photos after and easily delete those not-so-good shots.

4. Wireless Headset – Whether you are on-the-go or just having a relaxing moment at your home, you will enjoy this gadget. Listening to your favourite music without having to disturb other people and messing with wires is very convenient. You won’t have a hard time finding them too since they are widely available in a lot of stores worldwide. Most of them are reasonably priced and have various designs.

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The Art of Selling – The Presentation

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So you’ve done your homework and studied your customer. You know their industry, business, and have a plan for the call. This brings you to the meat of the matter. Once you have judged that the timing is right and you’ve given the client enough background information, it’s the moment to move into action. You have to make the presentation. Whether it’s selling a line of shoes, tires, or insurance, you will be putting your proverbial cards on the table. It’s the show and tell portion of the sale.

Over a period of 25 years, I saw an average of 300 customers a year when I was a sales consultant for the Yellow Pages. That’s 7500 sales calls and therefore 7500 sales presentations. You might assume that I should have learned something over that time period. I did and I will share some of that wisdom with you right now. Here are some ideas that might aid you on your next call as you present your program.

  • Have a back-up plan in case the first one isn’t well received.
  • Look at the customer making eye contact as you tell your story.
  • If there are pictures or objects to show, ask where they can be placed rather than plop them on their desk.
  • Have positive energy without being overbearing.
  • Know when to stop talking to allow the customer to absorb and consider what’s been displayed.
  • Look for buying signals rather than following a set agenda and plowing forward.
  • Answer questions as they arise, rather than put them off to later.
  • If something goes wrong or doesn’t work as planned, move on without making too many excuses.
  • Pace yourself and don’t speak too quickly or drag things on. Get to the point when needed.
  • Don’t end with, “What do you think?” Instead, make a strong sales statement.

The last one refers to the fact that many sales people don’t know how to conclude a presentation. They revert to a question that asks or begs for the customer to make a decision. Conversely, you need to seize control and maintain the attitude that the customer will buy whatever you’re selling. You should end with statements that assume the sale is made.

You might try: “You must agree this is just perfect for your company” or “You can see we’ve thought of everything you could need. How many do you want to order?”

This also assumes that you’ve covered all the facts and answered all the questions that were brought up during the presentation. This is the time to secure the sale and dazzle your audience. Be forceful and confident without being a bragger. You can still be proud of your product but not in a smug manner. It’s your sales call to make or break, so do your best and treat each presentation as special event.

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