How to Make a Canned Presentation Work in Real Estate Investing

A canned presentation in real estate investing is a pre-scripted form that is used to question buyers or sellers. Many investors and members of the public do not like the idea of reading a script when talking to another person because they believe the person reading the script loses credibility.

This script reading is called a canned presentation. It is called this because the scripted words, questions and answers can be reproduced like canning peaches in jars – same thing over and over again. Canned presentations are used by telemarketers and when someone is making a bad presentation, you can tell almost immediately. However, when a person is making a canned presentation that is a pro at it, it can be impossible to determine that’s what it is.

The reason canned presentations or scripts are used is because they work very well. They keep the presenter on track to ask the “opposing” party the proper questions at exactly the right time in the presentation. No questions are omitted and every possible objection from a prospect can be covered before the objections are heard.

Common scripts for real estate investors include:

  1. Selling a property where the information about the property is listed– the questions to ask the prospective buyer are about how he will pay or finance the property and his general contact information to name a few things.
  2. Qualifying a caller who wants to sell his home and is calling in response to advertising from the investor–in this case the most critical question is why he’s selling and general information about the property, the seller’s need to get out of the property and a sales pitch why the seller should talk to the investor.
  3. Landlords have to pre-screen prospective renters on the telephone to not waste the landlord’s or property manager’s time showing a rental unit and then finding out the renter doesn’t qualify. This is also the time to discuss the amount of security deposit, rental amount and whether a first and last month’s rent are due at the lease signing.

The most efficient way to develop a script is to roll-play what a caller will say when he calls or a prospect will say when you call him. Think of all the objections possible and, if appropriate, what information you may have to have available to present to a prospect. Formulate these objections and answers into sentences that sound as natural as possible – just like you were having a conversation with someone. Finally, write them into a scripted format and copy them into a printed format to use with your prospects. Keep a pile of these papers handy so you have them available when you need them.

The key to successfully using scripted or canned presentations is to practice, practice and practice some more before you start talking to people. The more practice the better but to make the script sound natural, you must practice with real people on the other end of the telephone. If you don’t have enough people calling you, call listings for sale in the newspaper or properties listed on the multiple listing. In this case, practice will make you more and more money.

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