Give Yourself a Christmas Present – Turn Off the Debt Collectors

As I’ve pointed out elsewhere, people plunge themselves into debt every year around Christmas. This year, why not give yourself and your family a better Christmas present? Turn off the debt collectors and give everybody a little more peace of mind. Then you can give your family a little more of what they really want the most: a happier you.

Step Away from the Credit Cards – Nobody Gets Hurt!

I have always been skeptical of our country’s growing obsession with Christmas and the frenzy of consumer spending that occurs from late October through the beginning of the new year. An economy that relies on people buying what they don’t need with money they don’t have has trouble on its hands over the long run. The people who spend money they don’t have on things they don’t need, however, have trouble much more immediately in their future. “Step away from that credit card! And no one gets hurt!”

Why Worry about Money this Time of Year?

If you are having trouble paying your bills, it’s tempting…no, it’s always tempting anyway, but specially if you’re having trouble paying your bills, to buy that little something for your children. What’s one more thing? You may wonder. Why scrimp and worry about money at this time of year?

Instead of thinking that way, try to consider that every time you buy something you can’t make the payments on you’re inviting some of the nastiest, most brutal people in the world straight into your home and into your children’s lives. You’re bringing home the debt collectors. Trust me, you don’t want these people around your children! And you don’t want them around you. And so you make wise choices about money now so that everybody doesn’t suffer in January and beyond.

Kick the Debt Collectors out of Your Life Now

If you already have debt collectors ringing your phone, you can make them stop. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act gives you the right to make them stop calling. If you or someone you love is being sued, there are resources you can use to defend yourself. Just because it’s the season of giving doesn’t mean you should give away your future.

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