5 Ways to Sell Yourself in a Business Presentation

In a business presentation, YOU are the package that carries Your message- the content of your presentation. When YOU show nervousness on stage, it reflects on the quality of your content. So, how to make the right impression on your audience even if you are nervous?

How do you make your audience feel at ease, even if your knees are shaking? Read on to find the answers.

· Fake it till you make it:

  • A business presentation is not the easiest thing to do. Your nervousness is completely understandable. But, the fastest way to control your nerves is to fake confidence.
  • Smile, even if you don’t feel like smiling. Shift your eyes from the screen to your audience – even if it feels intimidating. These signals reassure your audience, and they begin to reciprocate your warmth. Soon, you start feeling better and you show even more confidence. The spiral continues.

· Walk towards your audience:

  • Don’t stand rooted to one place if you want to connect with your audience. Slowly walk towards them as you make your point.
  • As you move closer to them physically, you reduce the mental distance between you and your audience. When you look at the screen standing close to them, you give a subtle signal that you are ‘with them’ in trying to find the right solution to their concerns. When they connect to you, they start connecting to your message too.

· Raise your voice to reflect your conviction:

  • Have you noticed that, when you say something you ‘believe in’ strongly, you automatically raise your voice? That is an invaluable cue to convey confidence in your presentation.
  • When you are nervous, your vocal chords get stiff and you sound ‘weak’. Take the effort to raise your voice consciously. Raise it to the point that it reflects the conviction in your product. You will start seeing a new sense of energy flowing in the room.

· Occupy space on stage:

  • Do you know, the space you occupy reflects your ego? That is why, you see footballers running all around the ground, with their hands spread like wings when they score a goal.
  • The freedom of your movement is seen as your comfort with your audience. So, move around stage. Unfold your hands and use them to reinforce your ideas.

· Make your audience a part of your presentation:

  • A presentation is not about you. It is about your audience. The more they are involved, the more are your chances of winning them over.
  • A simple way to involve them is – to ask polling questions. Ask simple questions that would invite them to raise their hands or share their opinion. Build on those answers.
  • Plan the questions you would ask in your presentation, instead of just planning the text that you would rattle off for each slide.

These simple tips make your audience LIKE YOU as a presenter. When they like YOU, they start liking your product too.

Happy presenting!

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